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Joining Aerial Hoop about a year ago was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. I sat watching my children in Little Flyers for years longing to try, finding every excuse as to why I shouldn't and couldn't give it a go. After a traumatic past, I have spent so much of my life living outside my body, hating it, shaming it and escaping it. I've gradually learned to be present in this body, to feel what it's really been like to live in this body and to appreciate what I can do with it. Joining Hoop, then Pole, being inspired and encouraged by your amazing community has been a massive part of that journey. I love how I feel on the Hoop and how Pole makes me feel so strong! So a massive thank you. The CAW Community has been a life changing place for many others like me. - Maria, Participant

I have been attending Tamara's yoga classes for around 6 months now and it has had such a positive impact on my life! I suffer from severe Hypermobility Syndrome amongst many other joint issues, and have always struggled to find a form of exercise that is fun and gives results that are not 'high impact' and damaging to my joints – until now that is. Tamara is always very patient and conscientious, finding alternatives to certain poses that I am unable to do because of pain, without impacting anyone else in the class. I have now doubled the amount of classes I originally signed up for I love it so much, and am determined to become one of her 'butterflies' – thank you Tamara! - Victoria, Aerial Yoga and Aerial Hoop Participant

'Thank you I LOVED the class! I am really hoping it helps me to relax and get stronger. The stretching will help no end with my running and I really want to build a strong core!

I felt quite nervous about going upside down but fine once in the positions! I cannot wait to get more confident and be able to do more!

I look forward to seeing you Friday and thank you again for your patience :-) AND I love your choice of music :-)' - Emma, CAW Fitness Participant, Aerial Yoga.

When I started pole I was like the little caterpillar you said. I was shy, body conscious, quiet, and dealing with stress and anxiety disorder from a hard personal life. After meeting some beautiful kind caring people who I now call my friends I am a true butterfly like I aimed to be. I'm happy, so confident, feel good about myself an addicted to pole. It de-stresses me and allows me I just be me in my own world. Everyone in the CAW Fitness team are awesome at what they do and truly make the class an amazing experience which I would recommend to everyone :-) I have gained so much from Tamara's teachings that she is now taking me on as a Pole Fitness instructor within the CAW Fitness studio and mentoring me through my beginners pole fitness course. - Kirsty, CAW Fitness Pole Instructor.

My testimonial. .. So why after 4 months am I still doing pole? Because it great at every stage from learning your first fireman spin to learning to invert- there is always something new to work on a new way to progress and develop your skills. Most importantly the teachers are amazing so supportive and they even create individual plans for everyone in the class. It’s been awesome and I can only see it getting better :-) Just want to say a massive thank you Tamara for all your support and guidance :-) - Lauren, Pole Fitness Intermediate Participant.

About a year ago I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I had no direction, no real interests or passions. That is until of course I started aerial hoop and pole fitness. As a student of Tamara I have grown in strength, confidence and ability. Every class I surprise myself at what I have achieved and am aiming towards. Hoop and Pole has given me this and all so much more. Tamara has inspired me to go for what I enjoy, be myself and simply enjoy life. Tamara has made me achieve my goals, given me further ones to work towards and has truly allowed me to accept myself and gain self-confidence for the way I am as a person. -Ellie, CAW Fitness Intermediate Pole



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