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Aerial Classes Pay As You Go:

(Pole, Hoop, Sling, Silks and Aerial Yoga)

1x Aerial Taster Session (First time with us) £10

1x Aerial Pay As You Go £16


Aerial Class Packs:

(Pole, Hoop, Sling, Silks and Aerial Yoga):

4x Aerial Classes for £60 (Lasts 3x months)

10x Aerial classes for £140 (to be used within 6 months)

20x Aerial Classes for £250 (to be used in 6 months)


Fitness Classes Pay As You Go:

(Bend & Balance, Fit To The CAW, Pole Choreography, Barbell Club)

1x Fitness Pay As You Go £10.00


1x Bend & Balance ONLINE Access £8.00



Fitness & Wellbeing Pack:


6x Fitness classes for £50.00 (to be used within 1 month from purchase date)


Attending our Fitness Classes only?


This class pack includes access to the following Fitness classes on our timetable. Including:

- Fit To The CAW

- CAW Barbell club

- Bend and Balance Face To Face Classes/ Workshops

- Pole Choreography

- Open Practice Sessions

- Access to our Functional CAWTrition 'on demand' library for the duration of your membership.


Supervised Open Training Sessions & Private Space Hire:

1x Supervised Open Training Pay As You Go: £10 (Sessions are 2x hours)


Private Space Hire available on request. Please message us directly for our  schedule/ availability and pricing.

PLEASE NOTE: to be eligible for our Open Training sessions you MUST be currently and been attending classes for approximately one month with us at the current time of booking. If you have not been or attended a session with us for over a month we need proof of participants insurance to attend. Please look at our practice policy for our studio rules when participating within our sessions. If you do not attend our classes but wish to practice, you MUST provide us proof of appropriate and valid insurance documentation.

CAW Kids Classes:

1x Pay As You Go per child £10

10 x classes for £90 (to be used within 6 months)


1 x 121 Pay As You Go With The Studio Owner (Tamara) £45

6x 121 Sessions with Tamara (to be used within six months) £225

221's & Private Group Sessions Available 

Please email or message us via our 'contact us' page and we will happily provide you with a quoted pricing and times available.


Want to work on your progress?

Want to have sessions catered purely to YOU and YOUR goals?

We keep track of your progress and encourage you to hit those fitness goals, no matter how big or small.

Tamara (Owner and Lead Instructor) is available for 121 sessions suited around your schedule. With over 12 years experience in teaching Pole and Aerial, along with being a fully qualified Gym Fitness Instructor, Tamara can help you achieve where you want to be.

In these sessions you can choose what you would like to cover or even a mixture of disciplines. Covering any of the following:


- Pole Fitness (Beginner - Advanced)

- Pole Choreography (Erotic and Contempory Styles)

- Aerial Sling (Beginner - Advanced)

- Aerial Silks (Beginner - Intermediate)

- Aerial Hoop (Beginner - Advanced)

- Gym based Fitness, Personal Training Programs

- Aerial Yoga

- Flexibility and Mobility for Aerial

- Kids Pole and Aerial

- Pole Silks

- Trapeze (Beginner - Intermediate)

- Photoshoot Prep

- Competition Choreography and Prep for both Pole and Aerial

- Instructor Mentorship and Training (done in conjunction with Spin City Aerial Instructor Qualifications)


We can even offer you lifestyle, gym programs and goal setting guidance if you wish.



No contract. Last one month from purchase date.


Lasts 1 Month.

Best value if you attend more than 7 classes per week!

- UNLIMITED Aerial Fitness Classes per month

- UNLIMITED Fitness Classes per month

- UNLIMITED Open Training Sessions per month

- UNLIMITED Access to our Functional CAWTrition 'on demand' library for the duration of your membership.

- UNLIMITED access to in house workshops

- UNLIMITED access to our Flexibility Courses


Lasts one month from purchase date and will need to be renewed month to month.

Functional CAWTrition On Demand

Monthly Rolling Subscription (Total of 6 months) £8pm

One Month Access £12.50

Take our fitness, flexibility, lifestyle programs and wellbeing classes with you anywhere!

Nutrients for the body and mind!


Access our online library of classes at your own convenience and schedule. Work through our challenges and participate in weekly online classes at your own pace. Uploaded sessions are via YouTube and Facebook to keep your training fresh, accessible and allowing to to take part whenever and where ever you are in the world!


- Includes access to our weekly Bend and Balance Classes

- Choose and participate in all previously recorded classes.

- All sessions are categorised into sections for ease of navigation and relevant to your fitness goals

- Participate in monthly flexibility and fitness challenges, courses and programs

- Wellbeing and Goal Setting Advice/ Programs


Flex and shine all the time, anytime!

Come join us today and do something that your future self will be grateful for. Be Awesome. Let Your Light Shine!

Please note that we have a cancellation policy of 24 hours notice. If you are unable to attend your class you will be liable for the full chargeable rate with NO REFUND. Bulk class passes cannot and will not be extended over their expiry date if not used within the purchase time frame. if you have any queries about your purchase please contact us directly.

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