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Come and meet our fully qualified and experienced CAW Fitness Instructors. Have a little nose as to who we are, what we are about and how we can help you reach your fitness goals and lifestyle changes to create overall wellbeing...

Tamara Castle

Pole, Sling, Silks, Hoop, Aerial Yoga, Burlesque, Pole Choreography, CAW Kids, Flexibility, Yoga, Gym Based Fitness Instructor, Pre & Post Natal Fitness, Trapeze, Spin City Instructor Trainer/ Course Writer/ Mentor.

Owner, Mother Unicorn & Lead Instructor at CAW Fitness

Tamara strongly believes in a holistic view to teaching, meaning that we are interested in engaging and developing the whole person in a positive, safe way whilst encouraging self- expression. Helping you to develop physical, emotional, mental as well as spiritual wellbeing, Tamara will support you with your creativity, hunches, emotion, and gut feel to achieve a sense of self harmony and rhythm. Thus, leading to fulfilment of self- confidence and overall wellbeing. 

We all co-create our world with the influences and demands placed upon us. Tamara believes in allowing you to acknowledge in your own complexities, allowing you to take your own responsibility and part within learning to create overall personal fulfilment. 


Tamara is qualified with a BA Hons in Musical Theatre, Level 3 in Special Needs Childcare, 200hr Foundations Yoga Instructor, a qualified Pole Fitness, Aerial Hoops, Aerial Sling, Kids Pole & Aerial, Aerial Yoga, Beginners Silks, Trapeze, Burlesque, Spin City Instructor Trainer plus more… She is also Gym/ Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer. 

Our founder Tamara will allow you to get fit and keep fit in a fun exclusive way. Helping you release your inner strength; Tamara will help you reach your fitness goals as well as allowing freedom of expression and self-belief. All in a safe fun environment at your own personal pace. Tamara can also offer business and lifestyle advice to achieve over all wellbeing.

A little note from Tamara: ‘Butterflies can't see their wings. They can't see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can... people are like that as well.’

Contact Tamara with your enquiry at

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Kirsty Seymour

Pole Fitness, Silks, Hoop, Sling and CAW Kids

One of Tamara's original students when she first started teaching, Kirsty's amazing journey and development to becoming the person she is today hasn't gone unnoticed. Suffering from low self-esteem, dealing with personal trauma and lack of confidence, Kirsty began Pole Fitness with Tamara in the hope that it would bring her some normality in her busy life. Starting as someone who was very shy, body conscious and lacking in confidence, Kirsty has now been teaching classes and 121’s with CAW Fitness for nearly 8 years. Kirsty prides herself in giving advice, guidance and providing a friendly face for those who need a little boast. Kirsty is also fully qualified in working with SEN children & adults. Kirsty's face is one that you will become very familiar with when attending group classes at CAW Fitness. She also takes great pleasure in teaching advanced Silks and Pole Fitness- her two main favourite Aerial disciplines.


Crissie Woods

Aerial Sling, CAW Kids

Crissie is absolutely addicted to Aerial Sling! She has not always been into fitness and doesn't have a history of dance or fitness but started her Sling journey nearly 6 years ago, discovered and loved it so much, she dedicated her entire fitness regime to it.


Qualifying as a Beginners Aerial Sling instructor has been something Crissie is super proud of. It is something she never believed would happen, yet here she is and has been teaching weekly sessions for 4 years!


She absolutely loves watching people progress. She is into lots of different styles of sling. Static poses, spiny sling, combos, and anything that has the word sling in it.


Crissie also works with our CAW Kids, teaching her love of Sling to younger bodies!

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Sophie Lowe

Aerial Sling, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks, Flexibility, CAW Kids

Sophie fell in love with all things aerial after wanting to try something new in Hong Kong and hasn’t stopped since.


When moving back to the UK she joined CAW fitness and instantly fell in love with the atmosphere and the people, and you can always find her at the studio.


Sophie trained as a dancer and performer and loves bringing those elements to aerial.  

She is so excited to be a part of the CAW family with all their wonderful instructors and students and to be a part of such a warm and welcoming environment. She cannot wait to see you all at class and have fun hanging upside down with you.


Luke Wassel

Pole Fitness, Pole Choreography

Luke started Pole Fitness during his second year of university by joining the Sussex Pole Society. Since then, his love for the sport has simply grown and grown! Luke has been running Gemini Pole, in Brighton since 2018, where he is the Owner and Head Instructor. 

He is an avid competitor and judge for UK Pole competitions such as UKPPC, plus more. He loves the challenge of creating a routine and won his first competition in 2016 when he represented Sussex at the Inter University Pole Dance Competition (IUPCD) and has since gone on to win numerous titles and placements across the UK, including Double Pole with his partner Dan.

Luke's favourite thing about teaching Pole, is the joy that he sees on participants faces when they achieve something they thought was impossible! Creating a loving, inclusive, and warm environment, that relishes on the success of his students in all the classes he teaches.


Drew Ratcliff

Gym Based Fitness, Weightlifting, Strength & Conditioning, Parkour & Acrobatics and cheesy jokes

Drew has been training parkour since he was 11 years old and is now an experienced parkour coach, Personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach, his love of his niche sport has made him appreciate the lack of resources for other such niche sports and as such has dedicated a lot of his time to researching the optimal way to help people progress when there's a lack of specific scientific literature. He runs Barbell club on a Friday at traversal and helps people achieve the fitness goals they aspire to!

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Gemma George

Aerial Silks, Aerial Sling, CAW Kids

Gemma started Aerial when she had just turned 15 years of age. She started in our CAW Kids classes and has progressed into her adult years into our group classes.


Gemma is now on our Unicorn Team as our CAW Kids assistant instructor. Gemma main Aerial disciplines are Hoop & Silks. She also partakes in Pole Fitness, Trapeze, Flexibility, Sling and Flying Pole.


Gemma was originally inspired by seeing Aerial via a YouTube video and searched out her nearest studio where she could start her journey. She loves working with the CAW Kids and is looking at progressing her career further in Aerial Arts soon.

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Gabi Oake

Gym Based Fitness, Pole Fitness, Aerial Silks

Gabi started doing pole and aerial as she wanted to challenge herself to learn something new and have fun. Her background in fitness includes working as a qualified personal trainer and swimming teacher.


Her favourite things to train are tricks and combos with a focus on technique and improving the body’s functionality through exercise. Gabi has experience of competing in Semi Professional Pole competitions in the past.


She brings a technical approach to her teaching and is excited to be able to spread her wealth of knowledge through her teachings in both Aerial and Pole Fitness.


Nikki Fenton

Pilates, Pole Fitness, Pole Choreography, Flexibility, Aerial Hoop

Nikki is another one of our aerial instructors, after originally training as a dancer and performer, Nikki decided to give Circus Arts a go.


She has always loved physical work and helping people feel better about themselves.


Nikki is passionate about what she does and has a very calming nature. So, if you see her around the studio, you will be certain you'll come out a class feeling positive and relaxed!


Shannon Caller-Martin

Aerial Sling

Shannon started at the CAW Fitness in 2018 and is a Beginners Aerial Sling instructor. Shannon is committed to providing a safe, accessible space for all and teaching beginners classes that are inclusive for everybody, no matter their starting point.


With a background in psychology and welfare, Shannon brings a holistic approach that will help support your physical fitness as well as your overall well-being.

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Siobhan Fitzgerald

Pole Fitness

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