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Aerial Yoga

Aerial fitness and yoga combines dance choreography, fitness, circus acrobatics and Yoga inspired fitness for a workout with a true difference. Using an aerial swing to support your own body weight, aerial yoga is so versatile that it targets all major muscle groups within the body. Participants will notice an increase in strength, tone, flexibility whilst performing tricks and flips from new heights!

The swings are in the shape of a hammock and classes combine the use of traditional yoga postures with the swing supporting your weight. This helps to achieve deep stretching and increase of good posture using own body weight in a relaxed way. Aerial Yoga decompresses the spine and can help a person to avoid injuries related to this area through regular practices of the yoga poses. Aerial yoga can benefit people suffering from back or shoulder pain by removing compression from the spine and helping increase flexibility through natural gravity.

People can expect to invert (go upside down) from their first lesson and enjoy the benefits of viewing the world from the air. Targeting increases in joint mobility, realignment of the spine, whilst providing a low intensity workout and gaining strength, aerial yoga can benefit anyone of any age.

All equipment is rigged professionally and safety checked before every class. With safety being at the heart of all our classes, each participant will have a swing to themselves and a crash mat for personal reassurance. Group classes consist of a maximum of 5 people per class and expect to be immersed into the world of relaxation from the start to the finish.

Specialist classes are available to aid in injury rehabilitation, flexibility training or strength training.

Aerial Yoga
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