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Castle Aerial & Wellbeing

At CAW (Castle Aerial & Wellbeing) our students fitness and wellbeing is the CAW to our motivations. Maintaining a strong body is important at any age. Posture, balance, back health and movement is all linked to your inner core strength. However the core is central to our wellbeing. When it comes to finding yourself, the treasure is sometimes buried much deeper than we think. To uncover it we must dig deep, which may take a little work. Before we can find something missed placed, we must know where to look. At CAW we are focused on helping you achieve improved health,  happiness, success, contentment and mental wellbeing. At CAW Fitness this is the CAW to our motivations and foundations.

We strongly believe in a holistic view to teaching, meaning that we are interested in engaging and developing the whole person in a positive, safe way whilst encouraging self expression. We aim to help you to develop physical, emotional, mental as well as spiritual wellbeing. At CAW we will support you with your creativity, hunches, emotion and gut feel to achieve a sense of self harmony and rhythm, thus leading to fulfilment of self confidence and overall wellbeing. We all co-create our world with the influences and demands placed upon us. At CAW we believe in allowing you to acknowledge your own complexities, allowing you to take your own responsibility and part within learning to create overall personal fulfillment and wellbeing.

Come gain physical fitness and wellbeing through the power of inversion. Fitness, performance and empowerment that is different and fun with an exclusive twist for all ages. Using aerial arts to improve physicality and gain skills from the ground and up in the air.  There are various classes offered at CAW Fitness, which include Pole Fitness, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Conditioning, Personal Training and 121's, Kids Classes, Meditation Classes, Special Needs Dance Movement classes and Rehabilitational Aerial Fitness for specific needs. Plus many  more.  All based in Crawley, West Sussex. Please see our timetable or submit an inquiry for more information.


Exercise has not only just become different... It is now also fun and empowering! Build a door in your castle wall and see where it takes you...

Let your light shine.

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