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CAW Fitness

Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop (also known as Lyra) is a circular steel piece of apparatus rigged from the ceiling, giving you the opportunity to do spins, combinations, poses, strength training and dynamic swings within and around the hoop. It is a great way to improve strength, flexibility and stamina as well as providing a good all over workout. Aerial hoop is fun and quick to learn with no previous circus or aerialist experience necessary.

Aerial hoop is a beautiful form of art as well as a workout with a fun exclusive twist on normal exercise. If you want to feel what it is like to dance in the air or experience the power of inversion then aerial hoop is for you. Group classes will consist of a warm up, tricks and combinations in and around the hoop as well as conditioning, strength exercises and ways to increase flexibility through dynamic and static stretches. Look amazing from the first lesson and prepare to become addicted to this wonderful form of aerial discipline.

Safety is at the heart of all our classes and all equipment is professionally installed and safety tested regularly. Group classes strictly consist of a maximum of 8 people (2 per hoop) with cash mats are provided. To avoid any unwanted bruising please wear tight fitted clothing that covers the skin and bring leg warmers to class which can be used if needed to cushion the back of the knees on the hoop with some moves. Each class is taught by a fully qualified and insured instructor who will guide you through the art of hoop from the ground up into the air.

Private 1-2-1 sessions are available at a request, please enquire for pricing and more information. Is there a large group of you who would like to participate in a class? We can cater a class specifically to you and your party needs up to a maximum of 8 people. Please enquire for further information.

Come try this fun, exciting form of workout. 

Let your light shine... 

Aerial Hoop Class Levels Available:


Suitable for absolute Beginners and those wanting to cover the fundamentals of Aerial Hoop.


Suitable for those wanting to explore top bar work and gain technique to build towards Intermediate level.


Covering all the Intermediate fundamentals, with an introduction to Dynamic Movement. Must be able to comfortably do Star On The Bar and Mount into the Hoop.

Level Up

Appropriate for Intermediate to Advanced Hooper's, this session combines rolls, drops, tricks, combos and technical emphasis to make you safe and execute those next level moves on the Hoop.

Booking is essential prior to all classes to avoid disappointment. Please book a place through our GO TEAM UP online booking system (Online Booking link below) to secure your place. Payment can be made through our online system.

Please note that we have a cancellation policy of 24 hours notice. If you are unable to attend your class you will be liable for the full chargeable rate with NO REFUND. Bulk class passes cannot and will not be extended over their expiry date if not used within the purchase time frame. if you have any queries about your purchase please contact us directly.